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This is a list of the newest games that have just been added to our catalog. If you are looking for something new, interesting and fresh see this section. Or if you have not visited us for a long time, check out the new games that we have added to the site during your absence.

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Most Played

Next are the most popular games, which are most often viewed by visitors. If you are looking for something interesting, exciting and exciting, then be sure to pay attention to this collection. You will not regret the days spent with online games from this list.

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Now Playing

This is a live monitor of our site. This list reflects what is happening on the site right now - what games are played by users who are online. Popular games will also often flash in this list. It is essentially a kind of super mini top free online game. It shows what the pace of life of our portal.

Random Games

It's kind of a lottery. There will be completely random online games from our catalog, which you can play on our website for free. If you're lucky, here you can find the legendary, but long forgotten game. Or may be undervalued by a wide mass, but that is right for you.

About Us

this portal is a kind of experiment that is at the very beginning of its journey. While creating, filling and modifying of our free online catalogue we will stick to a few basic principles that we believe are paramount.

first, it is Convenience. The user should be easy to find and most importantly easy to play. This requires a smart search on the site. A simple and visual catalog, looking at which should be immediately clear what is each game. On the page with the game should not be anything superfluous. Nothing should interfere and distract.

secondly, only Interesting games. We will not add to the catalog every game. If it does not have any washed off, obsolete or of no interest, it is unlikely that we will add it to the site. We will fill the catalog based on quality, not quantity.

third,minimum Advertising . Unfortunately, there is no way without it, because all the content is distributed free of charge and we do not charge visitors fee, although we have a certain share of the cost of server content, content and development of the portal. But we believe that a reasonable compromise is the right way. Advertising should not be Intrusive and should not interfere with the user to do what he is going to do. No hidden clicks, pop-UPS and manipulation of the cursor. It is only for interested users. On the game page, ads are shown only once during download, along with the instructions for the game. In addition, you can close this block at any time without waiting for the full load. Please note that some developers insert ads directly into the game. And it can be shown periodically. Games with obtrusive advertising, we try not to add to our collection.

and of course, Online and free. We do not charge for what you play and add just the free content. And online it is online, that is, at any time and in real-time.

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